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International Junior Science Olympiad Begins in Doha

December 04,2019

(QNA) - Under the patronage of His Excellency Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani, the 16th edition of the International Junior Science Olympiad under the theme of "Motivating Today's Young Generation for the Skills of Tomorrow."

His Excellency Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr. Mohammed Abdel Wahed Al-Hammadi said in his opening speech that the Olympiad hosts a selection of the world's highest performing students to compete honestly and exchange expertise with other people from all around the world. His Excellency stressed that the event was unique, given that 409 students from 70 countries all over the world take part. His Excellency noted that the participation level is the highest in the history of the event. His Excellency the minister also said that Qatar's hosting of the event reflects the country's growing stature in the field, especially given that it is the first Arab country to organize the International Junior Science Olympiad.

His Excellency the minister said that the country's strategy, laid by His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, will continue to be the development of the educational system in order to bring up a new generation that has access to the most modern skills and the most modern scientific research capabilities, so that they can remain relevant in light of the scientific and technological developments that are sweeping the world. This in turn, His Excellency said, will help meet the aspirations of the society for prosperity.

His Excellency expressed his thanks to His Excellency the Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani for supporting the event.

His Excellency said that this edition's theme is compatible with the strategy of the State of Qatar for education, and with the state's ambition of preparing a future generation full of distinguished individuals that can use their skills and gifts to benefit society. His Excellency the Minister noted that the commitment to young talented youth was one of the outcomes of the world's move towards a knowledge-based society.

His Excellency the Minister of Education and Higher Education stressed that the Olympiad helps students develop their problem-solving skills, as well as develop their sense of creativity and innovation under a variety of conditions. His Excellency expressed his thanks to the participating countries and to the sponsors who helped organize the event, and to Qatar Foundation and Qatar University for their cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

Meanwhile, His Excellency Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the International Junior Science Olympiad 2019 Dr. Ibrahim bin Saleh Al-Nuaimi described this scientific event that brings together a large number of delegations of countries of the world on the land of Qatar as unique and that it is a source of pride for all because Qatar is the Arab country to host the Olympiad in its 16th edition.

Dr. Al-Nuaimi noted that the international participation in Qatar Science Olympiad this year was distinguished by the participation of 70 countries. He also pointed out that this edition of the Science Olympiad was preceded by fifteen editions, adding that the Qatari participation in these editions was useful in terms of knowing various ways in organizing such global events.

Dr. Al-Nuaimi added saying we have been keen to develop this edition and create unique roles, which will be used for the first time in this Olympiad, through the long experience of Qatar in organizing such global events in terms of preparation, organization, results and overall satisfaction.

Dr. Al-Nuaimi praised the efforts exerted by the state agencies from all ministries and governmental and private institutions to work for the success of this Olympiad and the support, participation and sponsorship, which confirms the complementary role of all state institutions for the development of Qatar and the advancement of student children In the global competition.

Spokesperson for the International Junior Science Olympiad 2019 Dr. Khalid Yousuf Al Ali focused on the importance of science in all categories, components and components, scientific and cosmic discoveries and their impact on life. He reviewed his scientific and study history and the support he received from the state until he became an earlier adviser to NASA and then returned to contribute to Qatar's development and the building of a modern and advanced technological structure. He furthermore touched on his journey of collecting information, scientific designs and applications that contributed to solving some problems.

Dr. Al Ali noted the scientific contributions of Muslims and their positive impact on the history of humankind and their subsequent adoption by Europeans. He called on participants, especially students, who are the nucleus of what needs to be done in the future, to share experiences and knowledge with others while participating in this global scientific forum, especially since they are in a vibrant country in Qatar, which is moving towards a knowledge economy. He notes that the use of science is at its best when everyone gathers to overcome the limits and assumptions of the past to achieve a better future for all, and called on participants to make every effort to improve human life in the world.

The President of the International Junior Science Olympiad organization Prof. Dr. Joshi Paresh expressed his great thanks to the State of Qatar in his speech for hosting this world wide scientific event In addition to its well organizing and the efforts made by all whom involved for its success.

He also called the student to present all what they have to accomplish the maximum benefit from this Olympiad' version through their scientific and professional journey, In addition to strengthen the relationships between them. that the State of Qatar Moreover, he indicated has undertook making this Olympiad environmental-friendly, which opens new distances in its journey.

More than 70 countries are taking part in the global scientific event, the largest number in the history of the Olympics, as well as the participation of a large number of students, organizations and other relevant organizations from Qatar and abroad.

The International Junior Science is an international science competition for students aged 15 years and under, which was launched in 2004, and is held in December of each year in one of the countries of the world. The State of Qatar has participated as an observer since 2016, and in 2017, 2018 it received bronze medals.