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Qatar’s Students Bagged Two Gold, four Silver and One Bronze Medals in Olympiads

October 11,2019

Qatar’s  brilliant students shine at the Olympiads of Mathematics, Physics and Arabic Debates. They won two gold medals and one silver medal in Arabic Debates competitions, and three silver medals and one bronze medal in Physics. Mathematics, Arabic & Physics Competitions are part of the Olympiads in its third edition hosted by the capital city of Muscat from 6-10 October 2019, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education in the Sultanate  of Oman.

 In Arabic Debates competition, Abdullah Khalid Al-kaabi , a student from Tariq Bin Ziyad Secondary School for Boys, Hamad Salem Al-Rashdi from Al-Shamal Secondary School bagged two gold medals whereas Noor Nahar Al-Naimi, a student from Al-Bayyan Secondary School for Girls, won a silver medal. This demonstrates clearly the keen interest and the dedicated efforts of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to help students master Arabic. Such activities help discover talents and contribute to invest in human capital. They are also meaningful tools that help promote students’ confidence in their potential and increase their innovative skills. Olympiads provide students with good opportunities to enhance communications and positive interaction, thus enabling them to develop their skills and contribute to making significant achievements at the international level. 

As far as Physics Olympiad is concerned, Maryam Nasser Al-Nuaimi, Fatima Abdullah Al-Muhanadi  and Abdullah Azzan Al-kathairi won three silver medals and Ali Yousif Al-Saadi won a bronze medal at the Event.

Mrs. Moza Al Madhaka, Director of the Educational Supervision Department at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, praised the outstanding results of the students of the State of Qatar, which showcases the efforts exerted by the Ministry in preparing students to achieve remarkable results in prestigious competitions, as well as the quality of learning outcomes in Qatar.

She reiterated that such Olympiads came as part of the pursuits of  the Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf States (ABEGS) to promote competitiveness among students of the member States in order to  create an engaging  environment for this to happen , and to deliver multiple programs in this area.

She added that six (6) GCC secondary school students from each Member State took part in the Gulf Mathematics Olympiad (GMO) this year. Students competed to answer four questions that measured higher levels of thinking ( in areas of algebra, geometry, Number Theory, and Combinations) and were assessed through a theoretical examination.

In addition, four (4) GCC secondary school students from each  ABEGS Member State took part in the Gulf  Physics Olympiad . Students also competed to answer four questions that measured higher levels of thinking in different branches and topics of Physics ( for instance, Mechanics, Solid Mechanics,  Hydraulic Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Molecular Physics, vibrations and waves , electric charge, electric field, magnetic charge, Magnetic field, Electromagnetic waves, Quantum Physics, Relative Physics and Properties of Matter). Participating students sat for theoretical and practical examinations in Physics.

Mrs. Moza Al Madhaka further stated that three (3) GCC secondary school students from each  ABEGS Member State took part in the Gulf Arabic Debates Olympiad. Participating students also competed to answer range of questions in Arabic literature, language strands/skills ( for instance, concepts, morphology, spelling, punctuations, rhetorical and expressive writings).   Participating students sat for theoretical and oral examinations.

In conclusion, Mrs. Moza Al Madhaka said that Qatar deserves the best. “We congratulates Qatar on such an outstanding achievement” she added. “We also congratulate our students on such a remarkable performance. “We always appreciate the dedicated efforts of our professionals: educators and supervisors and school leaders, who spared no pains to provide support and attention to our students and who made every possible endeavor to create the appropriate learning environment for them to excel and win gold, silver and bronze medals at the Olympiads” she added . Their dedication and commitment paid off.