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Qatar Wins Gold Medals in Arabic Debates Competitions in Sultanate of Oman

October 10,2019

The Arabic language Olympiad came to a close today in  the Sultanate of Oman. Qatar ‘s students won two gold medals and one silver medals at the Olympiad competitions.

Abdullah Khalid Al-kaabi and Hamad Salem Al-Rashdi  won two gold medals and Noor Nahar Al-Naimi  won a silver medal.

The Arabic Language competitions aim at preserving Arabic and promoting loyalty and belonging being one of the most important tools to enhance the national identity. This can be done by exploring maximum  potential, skills and  abilities of students. The competitions also help develop student creativity. The Olympiads are vitally important as they create the appropriate learning environment to promote competitiveness among students of the Gulf Member States, enrich  curriculum and contribute to the development of teaching and learning Arabic.