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Qatar Team Under Formation for IJSO 2019

September 16,2019

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education is currently forming the Qatari team to participate in the International Junior Olympics 2019 that will be held in the State of Qatar from 3 to 12 December 2019. The Science Section of the Educational Supervision Department in the Ministry of Education administered the third screening test for public, international and private school students (18 boys and 14 girls) to participate in the 2019 International Junior Science Olympiad.


The Science Olympiad is an event that brings together more than 300 talented students under the age of 15 to test their knowledge and skills in Physics, Biology and Chemistry.


Ms. Fatima Al-Rashed, the head of the Science Section of Educational Supervision Department, stated: “Qatar is the first Arab country to host this important event that comes within the targeted projects in the 2017-2022 Education Strategy of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education as part and parcel for achieving Qatar National Vision 2030.”


Ms. Al-Rashed explained that the Olympiad includes two individual theoretical tests followed by a practical test performed collectively in teams. The aim of the tournament is to celebrate gifted students and motivate them to refine and develop their talents in the field of natural sciences.


The International Junior Science Olympiad in Qatar is the biggest in terms of participating countries. 72 countries have confirmed their participation so far (initial target was 70 countries), while five countries will take part in the Olympiad with a team of observers.


It is worth mentioning that the State of Qatar is hosting the 16th International Junior Olympiad in cooperation with Qatar University and Qatar Foundation. The students received training under the highest standards for the upcoming Olympiad in Doha in cooperation with Qatar University and Qatar Foundation to enter and compete in this international competition.