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Qatar Praised for Preparations to Host Upcoming International Junior Science Olympiad

November 06,2019

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education held a meeting today with the delegation from the International Junior Science Olympiad organization that is currently visiting the country to review the preparations of the State of Qatar to host the 16th International Youth Science Olympiad - Qatar 2019 - to be held from 3 to 12 December 2019 . The meeting was chaired by Ms. Fawzia Abdulaziz Al-Khater, the Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Affairs and vice-chairperson of the 16th Olympiad Organizing Committee; and Professor Joshi Paresh, the President of the International Junior Science Olympiad organization.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Robin Powles, the Secretary-General of the organization; Dr. Khalid Abdulla Al-Ali, the Assistant Undersecretary for Higher Education Affairs and chairman of the scientific committee; Mr. Ali Abdullah Al-Buainain, the Assistant Undersecretary for Shared Services Affairs and Chairman of the Organizing Committee; Mr. Hassan Abdulla Al-Mohamedi, the Chairman of the Media Committee; Ms. Ghada Larm, the Coordinator for hospitality affairs. The meeting was also attended by a number of senior officials in the educational sector, in the presence of Mr. Ginting Masno, the founder of the organization and Mr. Deepak Mathur, the advisor to the Scientific Committee.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mrs. Fawzia Al-Khater welcomed the visiting delegation members and presented the preparations of the State of Qatar for hosting the 16th International Junior Science Olympiad. Ms. Al-Khater stated that hosting the Olympiad is one of the initiatives of utmost importance to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, as the State of Qatar is a pioneer country in the Arab world that enjoys all potentials to successfully host this internationally prestigious event. The Olympiad is among the targeted projects within the 2017-2022 Strategy of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education as a step for the realization of Qatar National Vision 2030. Ms. Al-Khater also noted that the approval of ministerial cabinet to host the Olympiad in Qatar reflects the cooperation and solidarity among all the state bodies to spare no efforts to support the Olympiad and to make it a distinguished edition to remember.  Ms. Al-Khater also pointed out that His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar, is credited for the internationally recognized advanced position of the State of Qatar in terms of quality education, ranking fourth among the countries of the world. “ The wise leadership attaches the greatest care and attention to education and scientific research as first priority,” added Ms. Al-Khater.

Ms. Al-Khater stated that preparations have started once the State of Qatar won the honor to host the Olympiad over a year ago. The organizing committee developed the structure and the executive plan and launched the official website that contains all the necessary information for the participating countries. Other ministries, namely the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Interior, Transport and Communications, Culture and Sports, Public Health and the General Authority for Tourism are contributing to making the Olympiad a successful one.

The State of Qatar also provides accommodation and transportation for the delegations between the venues of the International Junior Science Olympiad, as well as facilitating traffic and  issuing entry visas to the State of Qatar. The organizing committee, in cooperation with the embassies and cultural attachés in the State of Qatar, also issued invitations to participate in the Olympiad. The organizing committee is also in partnership with the Ministry of Health to provide high quality health care to all the participants.

Ms. Al-Khater added that the scientific committee is comprised of 60 members, including heads of departments and assistant deans from Qatar University, top professors Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Medicine while cooperating with the universities of the Education City. Besides, the committee works with orientation and evaluation experts at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and distinguished coordinators and teachers of international and government schools.

The venues of the International Junior Science Olympiad are set as follows: Tests will be administered at Qatar National Convention Center, while Ezdan Palace Hotel is designated as a residency for students. Marriott Marquis City Center Doha Hotel was chosen to accommodate the participating team leaders, observers, guests and committee members.

Ms. Al-Khater pointed out that the organizing committee aims to welcome 70 countries for the Olympiad. 62 countries have confirmed participation so far, a number expected to increase by the registration deadline.

Ms. Al-Khater summarized the aspects of distinction of the upcoming Olympiad in Qatar. The number of participating countries surpassed the Olympiad edition organized in the Netherlands and will be the largest in terms of participation. An online system for MCQ tests, corrections and voting will be implemented. The participating countries will further enjoy privileges for aviation, accommodation, health care and security services, and a diverse and rich visit programs for students and participants. Ms. Al-Khater concluded: "We hereby promise to offer you a special 16th International Junior Science Olympiad in Qatar.

The meeting presented a documentary film about the preparations and readiness of the State of Qatar to host the Olympiad, and showcased the achievements of the State of Qatar and aspects of its economic, scientific and sports renaissance.

For his part, Professor Joshi Paresh, the president of the International Youth Science Olympiad, expressed his happiness with the preparations of the State of Qatar to host the Olympiad, praising the efforts of the organizing committee to attract the largest number of countries to participate in the sixteenth edition in Qatar. Professor Paresh also praised the presentation that confirms the readiness to host the Olympiad and reflects the attention of the organizing committee in all organizational, administrative and security aspects of the event. Professor Paresh stated that he feels that we are already on December 3, as the State of Qatar is practically ready to organize the International Junior Science Olympiad.

After the meeting, the delegation inaugurated the official headquarters of the local organizing committee of the International Junior Science Olympiad at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

The delegation of the International Junior Science Olympiad organization is currently visiting the State of Qatar to review the readiness of the first Arab host country of the 16th International Junior Science Olympiad. The Olympiad will be held from 3 to 12 December 2019.

The delegation visited today Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development and Qatar National Convention Centre that host the Olympiad tests and the opening and closing ceremonies. It is expected that the delegation will visit the residence of the students and team leaders of the participating countries. The theoretical and practical test venues will be visited as well as other rooms and facilities set for the discussion of the tests questions, for correction and deliberation of the results. Besides, the Olympiad delegation members will pay visits to other suggested venues for extracurricular activities.

The International Junior Science Olympiad aims to promote the spirit of excellence in the field of science and to celebrate gifted students and motivate them to refine and develop their talents in the field of natural sciences. As the host country, the State of Qatar is entitled to participate with a team composed of 18 students in the Olympiad. The students are currently being trained under highest standards for the upcoming Olympiad in Doha in cooperation with Qatar University and the different universities in Education City.