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Science Olympiad Organization Visits Doha

June 22,2019

A delegation from the International Junior Science Olympiad organization will be visiting the State of Qatar tomorrow to review the readiness of the first Arab host country of the 16th International Junior Science Olympiad, organized by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in cooperation with Qatar University and Qatar Foundation. The Olympiad will be held from 3 to 12 December 2019.

The visit program includes a meeting between the delegation and Ms. Fawzia Abdulaziz Al-Khater, the Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Affairs. The Olympiad delegation will also meet with the heads of the Olympiad scientific and organization committees to discuss the preparations for hosting the event.

It is expected that the delegation will visit the residence of the students and team leaders of the participating countries. The theoretical and practical test venues will be visited as well as other rooms and facilities set for the discussion of the tests questions, for correction and deliberation of the results. Besides, the Olympiad delegation members will pay visits to other suggested venues for extracurricular activities.

The State of Qatar presented a solid and integrated bid to host the tournament during the last edition in Botswana in December and won the honor of hosting the 2019 Olympiad. The Qatari participating delegation won the bronze medal. The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has started all preparations for the tournament, by launching an official website and forming the technical and organization committees that work in coordination with the concerned ministries and authorities in the State of Qatar.

The competition aims to promote the spirit of excellence in the field of science and to celebrate gifted students and motivate them to refine and develop their talents in the field of natural sciences. As the host country, the State of Qatar is entitled to participate with a team composed of 18 students in the Olympiad. The students are currently being trained under highest standards for the upcoming Olympiad in Doha in cooperation with Qatar University and the different universities in Education City.