The guidelines, to participate in the International Junior Science Olympiad, are set in place to ensure a fair and enjoyable competition. All competitors in the International Junior Science Olympiad swear an oath at the beginning of the competition to answer the theoretical and practical competition questions in the most responsible way and to compete honestly and fairly. Apart from the intention to play fair, the set of rules and guidelines listed here applies to all participants.

  1. Competitors must be born on or after 1 January 2004, i.e. they must not be older than 15 years old.
  2. A student is eligible to represent his/her country if he/she holds a valid passport of that country or is in the education system of that country for at least one academic year.
  3. Participants must agree with and accept the conditions as stated in the statutes from IJSO. A pdf document with the statues can be found at:
  4. A standard team consists of six students and three leaders. If a standard team cannot be fulfilled, a minimum team of three students and one leader can be allowed to participate in IJSO. Teams consisting of less than three members do not qualify for team awards.
  5. Participants are not allowed to use their own collection of formulae from mathematics, chemistry, physics, etc. during the competition.
  6. Each participating country that has either participated with a team or sent an observer to the IJSO in one of the previous two years, is invited to send a delegation of six students and three team leaders.
  7. Participating countries agree to pay the participation fee at the time that the host country decides, obey all the rules of the IJSO statutes and any additional rules made by the Host Country for the ongoing event.

Bank details for payment of fees

Bank: Qatar National Bank
To the attention of: Ministry of Education and Higher Education Qatar
Account: 0013-112222-052
IBAN: QA74 QNBA 0000 0000 0013 1122 2205 2
Currency: US DOLLARS

Contact Details: