Frequent Questions

01How can we register to participate in IJSO 2019?

To register you have to apply the following steps:

To contact us:

02What are the dates for registration in IJSO 2019?
  • The deadline for pre-registration is 30 July 2019
  • The deadline for the final registration of the full team and adding the information of the participants is 31 October 2019.
03Can students participate as individuals?
  • No, students cannot participate as individuals.
  • For more information about the statues of IJSO visit our website and you will find all the guidelines
04How old is the student who wants to participate should be?

competitors must be born on or after 1 January 2004, i.e. they must not be older than 15 years old.

05What is the syllabus that students will compete about?
  • The syllabus of the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) lists the skills and areas of knowledge the participants should be familiar with for this competition.
  • The syllabus can be downloaded from this link
06What are the objectives of IJSO?
  • To stimulate the active interest of students in the Natural Sciences.
  • To promote their careers as scientists.
  • To enhance and develop international contacts in the Natural Sciences.
  • To promote future scientific collaboration.
  • To encourage the formation of friendships within the scientific community.
  • To offer the opportunity to compare the syllabi and educational trends in science education within the participating countries.
07What are the fees of participation?

For more information about the fees visit this link

08How can we pay the fees for participating in IJSO 2019?

You have to transfer the amount of money needed to the following bank account, For more information visit this link

09How can we get the discount of Qatar airways while booking a flight to Qatar?
  • Qatar Airways offers a discount of 25% on Regular fares and 10% on Promo fares. The same discount level can be availed through our Government Office for the participants of the 16th International Junior Science Olympiad 2019.
  • To get the discount of Qatar Airways visit this link
  • The Promo Code : IJSOQA19
10How can students present the exams for IJSO 2019?
  • The full team is six students.
  • The MCQ and the Theory Exam are individually exams.
  • For the practical, they work together. The practical exam will be as teams of 3 students and the three should work together to answer the same exam paper. The mark of the practical shall be the same for the three students.
11What is the language of the exams?

The exams are originated in English and each leader will make translation to their own languages. Each country is free to choose either English or their own language.

12Do you accept volunteers from outside the State of Qatar?

No, the LOC of IJSO 2019 accept voluntary work from inside the State of Qatar only. We don’t accept volunteers from outside. All volunteers should have a residency in the State of Qatar.

13Can the participants come one or two days earlier and leave one or two days later?

To facilitate this issue, the LOC approved to let the participants come one day earlier and leave one day later. This will covered by the hosting country and no need to pay any extra charges.

14What is the program of IJSO 2019?

The program is published on IJSO website. Visit this link

15What are the types of exams and the branches of the exam that students will present?
  • The students will set for three kinds of exams (MCQ – Theoretical – Practical) in three different days.
  • All the exams covers the three branches (Chemistry – Biology – Physics).
16How many countries are registered to participate in IJSO 2019?

70 countries from all over the world are registered to participate in IJSO 2019

17What are the fees of having a second team of students?

If a country would like to have a second team of students, each member of the team should pay 1600$. The priority is to give a chance to more teams of students from different countries instead of having more teams from the same country.The deadline for pre-registration is 30 July 2019.

18How many students  will be together in a room?

Two students of the same gender will be together in one twin bedroom.

19Who will be responsible for the students?

We have a committee who will be responsible for the students 24/7.

20Can students contact their parents and teachers?

Students cannot contact their parents and teachers from the opening till the closing ceremony, except in emergency cases which will be under the supervision of the assigned Supervisor after obtaining the approval from the LOC.

21Do you have medical care for students?

There will be a medical team with the students and volunteers to help them at any time. Medical care is available in the students’ venue 24/7. In cases that require referral, students will be hospitalized for free.

22How much money can the student take with them?

It is advised not to give them too much money, as food, accommodation, tours and local transportation is covered within the participation fees.

23Is there a possibility to use ATM services on site?

ATMs that provide international money services are available everywhere in Doha. In addition, Marriot Marquis is connected to the City Center Mall which is one of the biggest shopping malls in the State of Qatar.

24Can students bring PCs, tablet to study? Do they have to use printed materials only?

It is not allowed to use any smart or communication devices, only printed materials will be allowed for studying during the event.

25Can students keep their cell phones with them?

All electronic devices that the students bring will be collected by the team leaders immediately after the opening ceremony which will be on the 4th of December 2019. The devices include tablets, smart phones, smart watches, digital cameras that support access to wi-fi and any other devices that are not mentioned above but can be used for communication purposes.