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A Guide on How to Dress in Qatar

November 17,2019

Outside the event venues

Like many countries in the GCC, Qatar advocates modest and conservative dress. As Qatar is an Islamic country, it’s courteous to adhere to the religion’s and culture’s norms.

Expats in Qatar are recommended to dress modestly, so this means covering shoulders and wearing below knee-length trousers and skirts.

It’s an important reminder that expats respect the culture in Qatar. We always say: “If you are in Qatar, you are one of us. Help us preserve Qatar’s culture and values, please dress modestly in public places.”

Inside the event venues

In a professional environment, women are requested to wear formal or semiformal attire, which includes appropriate dresses, blouses, skirts below the knee, and loose trousers or dress pants. Men are requested to wear short or full sleeve shirts, polos and pants.

If you’re worried about the heat, you can find comfort in the fact that all malls and indoor locations have centralized air conditioning. Doha’s winter season is absolute bliss. The desert winter can be a bit chilly, so make sure you keep warm when you visit the desert!  

For more information about the weather in Qatar , please follow the link:,51.2295/uk12/en